Working At Home... Is It For You?

Updated: May 10, 2019

As we near the end of the first week of Mom Business May, I know that you may have questions about whether or not working at home is for you.

That's a good question to ask. But here's a better one:

How could you improve your life by working at home?

For some moms, the idea of working outside of theh ome is a non-starter. Child-care costs are out of this world, and many times the cost is more than the amount you'll bring home. Essentially, you'd by working to pay for childcare...which doesn't really make much sense.

And then there are moms who work outside of the home, but wish they could transition to working at home. Many times what's holding you back is lack of time to devote to starting something new. And even if you could find the time, know-how might not exactly be on your side.

Working-At-Home Pros

Probably the biggest "pro" when it comes to working at home is the fact that you'll be at home. You can spend more time with the kiddos, while cutting out the costs of childcare and a commute to the office.

And trust me, being your own boss is rather nice. You work when you want or need to, and you can stop when something comes up.

Making your own hours can be a GODSEND when you have children. I love the fact that I can work my business, but still have the freedom to help out in my son's classroom when his teacher asks.

The extra money doesn't hurt either. Did you know that millennial moms who work at home are the fastest growing addition to the workforce for women?

According to Forbes, the national wage gap is helping mamas realize that they can take their income into their own hands.

Work-At-Home Mamas (WAHMs, for short) are literally CHANGING THE FACE of the workforce.

Working-At-Home Cons

But there are, of course, some downsides to working at home.

We all know that taking care of our children is a full-time job in and of itself. So adding on a (possibly) rigorous work schedule to the at-home flow may prove to be a bit more than you wanted to chew off.

And then there are the naysayers. The haters who won't take you seriously. Who won't believe what you are doing is an actual job.

Don't worry about them because they lack VISION. If you can see all of the possibilities that can come from working at home, then hold onto that vision and do your thang, girl! They'll catch on once they see that you're successful. Trust me.

Finally, there is the investment.

Your investment doesn't always have to be monetary, so don't worry about that. But you are going to have to sacrifice something to get your business off the ground. That could be any number of things, which should best be determined by you.

Remember this---nothing worth having comes easy. So you have to realize that.

Be at peace with it.

And then GET TO WORK!

***I have included a copy of my FREE Work-At-Home Pros and Cons Worksheet for you so that you can get started.***

Part 2 Preview: Network Marketing

Next week, I'll be giving you some insight on Network Marketing. For many mamas who want to start an at-home business, the network marketing road is definitely a great one to travel. A lot of the prep-work is done for you, and the opportunity to make extra income is highlighted.

But there are some pitfalls, and I'll share them with you.

Knowledge is power, and girl, I'm gonna make sure you have plenty of it!

Talk soon!

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