The Last Mani/Pedi Kit You'll Ever Buy

So a couple of weeks ago (while my whole house was sick with the flu), I was playing around on Amazon and found this amazing Mani/Pedi kit that only cost $13!!

And because I had nothing else better to do (#sickasadog) but sit on my phone and order stuff I wasn't sure I needed, this exact kit arrived at my door 2 days later.

I wonder how THAT got there?? 🤔

Anyway... it's amazing. The tools are stainless steel and coated in this matte black that gives a very professional look. And the case is extremely portable, you can keep one with you at home, or put one in your purse, or your glove compartment...wherever the heck you want!

And there are more tools in the kit than I even know what to do with...

But, they are all totally awesome.

I absolutely LOVE this kit because I can finally keep ALL of my grooming tools in 1 case. And, it's perfect for men too (it doesn't look overly feminine), so go nuts and spring for 2 of them to give to your significant other or your best girlfriend.

Click here to check out the kit.

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