Smoked Turkey, For The Win

So Thanksgiving Day was a complete success for the Iddins family.

We ran a 5k, smoked a turkey, and enjoyed enough desserts to make a grown man cry.

Watching all of our memories from the past few days has definitely been my favorite thing to do for this week, but the reveal of the smoked turkey (which we began smoking at midnight) was the complete pride and joy of the family!

And Lord, did it taste good!

We even brined the turkey beforehand because...duh--we wanted that bad boy juicy and delicious. We succeeded in our attempt.

Here's the brining recipe my hubby and I used:

Jim and Dani's Turkey Brine Recipe (Suitable for 16-20 lbs turkeys)
  • 1 3/4 Gallons of Water

  • 1 Cup of Salt (Stir in until dissolved)

  • 4 Chicken Bouillon Cubes mixed with 4 Cups of Boiling Water

  • Mix all of this together in the biggest soup pot you can get your hands on

Let the turkey sit in the brine for at least 12 hours. 24 hours is even better.

I seasoned the turkey simply--using salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and rosemary. If I had had some seasoned salt, I might have used that instead of regular salt. First, though, I brushed olive oil all over the entire turkey. This gives it a great color and ensures the spices will stick to it.

Just make sure you pat dry the turkey before brushing on the oil, our else it'll just slide right off.

I covered the entire top of the turkey with these seasonings. I don't really measure my seasonings application--I just do what I think will taste great.

PRO-TIP: I lift the skin over the breast (just slide your whole hand in there) and put butter inside to make sure the breast meat has a great flavor to it. You can use lard, or any other kind of fat that you like to do the same.

We weren't going for healthy food this time around...we were going for happy bellies.


This isn't our turkey, but I thought it was a pretty pic.

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