Heal Quickly With These 7 Nutrients

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Supplying the right nutrients to encourage healing within your body (both when you do and don’t have any injury) is one of the best things you can do!

The right nutrients can promote quicker healing and get you back out and being active! Doing so can also help prevent injury from happening in the first place!


Vitamin A is great because it helps fight infection while boosting your white blood cell count. Infection is something that can happen during an injury because of excess of blood that may be present at the site of the injury.


Nothing helps repair connective tissue quite like Vitamin C. This is great because Vitamin C can speed up healing. It also improves collagen production, which is why you see so many Vitamin C serums on the market.


If you work out in any capacity, then Protein is the thing you need! It creates a bridge between damaged tissues and promotes repair.


Ever wonder what the big deal is about dairy? Well, it’s got 2 amazing nutrients in it that help your bones and muscles stay strong throughout your life. They are basically the “Dream Team” of the bone and muscle world. Can’t have milk? There are several amazing milk alternatives like soy milk, cashew milk, almond milk, and rice milk that are calcium fortified to help you stay nice and strong.


While Zinc itself doesn’t exactly heal your battered and broken body, it certainly supports the vitamins that do! Because of this, having Zinc in your diet is an integral part of muscle repair and having a healthy immune system.


One of the worst things about having an injury is the inflammation that often accompanies it. Inflammation can slow recovery and cause you be out of commission for longer than you need to be. Omega-3s are great for that, because they help reduce inflammation.

Incorporating These Nutrients In Your Diet

I know what you're thinking... You're wondering what foods you need to eat to get these nutrients into your body, aren't you? Well, I've got an amazing resource that can help you with just that. Want to learn more? Schedule a free video chat with me so we can chat!


I hope so. Because it’s my mission to help you reclaim yourself, so that you can be the best career person, spouse, parent, significant other---WHATEVER!!---that you can be!

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