Girl, Read This Book

You may have seen my post on IG from earlier this week where I shared that Girl, Stop Apologizing was the best piece of nonfiction that I have read since her last book. Only it was better.

I read Girl, Stop Apologizing in one day. I almost never do that because I have a 5 year old and sitting down to read a book for a long period of time is not a thing for me or anyone in my stage of life.

But it was definitely a worthy read.

Rachel Hollis has written the book of my dreams. She has literally addressed EVERY issue that I have as a mother who is also an entrepreneur.

As a woman who basically spends her day trying to lift up mamas who feel like they don’t have anywhere to turn when they are starting the journey towards following their dreams, I have to admit that sometimes i wonder if anyone is listening.

Mamas, Rachel hears us. She hears our hearts and gives us the permission to follow the dreams on our hearts. She helps us identify the lies. And there are so many. So, so many.

So, if you’re not sure about this book. Let me rest your fears.

The cost of the book is worth it. You’re worth it. Your dreams are too.

Grab the book here.

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