Get ACTUAL Cash Back...Yep, I'm Not Kidding

For the last couple of years I have been using an awesome app that allows me to make back a small percentage of the purchases that I make online.

It's called Ebates (now Rakuten), maybe you've heard of them.

Basically the gig is this:

  1. You download the app on your phone and get the Chrome extension for your browser on your desktop.

  2. Sign up for an account (it's free).

  3. Shop online through your phone (be sure to go through the app) or on your computer (a pop-up will become available if you are on a website that offers cash back)

  4. Get cash back! It's delivered to your bank account or PayPal account (you choose) every 3 months.

Simple, huh?

I've managed to make over $200 and I wasn't even really trying. Like, not at all. Not even a little.

It's really great when you need to make higher priced purchases online like tv's, refrigerators, washer and dryer sets, etc. I usually go to the physical store, check out the product I want, and then go home and order it online. It takes a bit of leg work, but the cash back starts to add up when you're getting 1%-5% back on purchases that are $500+.

I especially love to use it when I'm booking a hotel for vacay through

They've even added an in-store component, where you can link your debit or credit card to certain in-store cash back offers. Then just head to that store, make your purchases, and earn cash back.

The in-store offers don't usually give as much cash back as the online only offers, but I figure ever little bit helps.

Another great bonus: Once you spend $25 (not earn, spend), you earn $10 automatically.

Here's the link to get started. Now, full disclosure... I will get referral points if you use this link to sign up for Ebates. But you'll also get lots of cash back. So, hey, we will both win.

I hope you enjoy Ebates as much as I do. It's really nice to get a little bit of spending money every few months. Especially when I completely forgot it was there!

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